Back to Basics: The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

August 1, 2014

The perfect chocolate chip cookie is a high bar to strive for. Every family has a different interpretation of success. My perfect cookie has a soft interior with good chew. The outsides are set and maybe even a little crisp. There is enough chocolate chips to satiate my chocoholic tendencies, but enough dough that I can taste some vanilla too. A difficult task for the everyday baker, a daunting task for the GF baker.

One of the noticeable differences with GF cookies are a gritty mouthfeel and a limp texture, so when baking this cookie I took a couple of steps to prevent that.

1) Since gluten free flours/ starches can’t absorb as much butter, use less. For this recipes, there is only 8 tablespoons.

2) Allow the starches to hydrate. A 30 minute rest time moves the batter from runny to the familiar doughy or sticky textures of the full gluten version. There is a fine line here though, more than 30 minutes of rest will affect the texture as well. Keep an eye on the clock!

3) Xanthan gum. I do use this ingredient sparingly, but sometimes it is needed. Xanthan gum acts like a glue helping create a protein network in gluten free flour. This encourages the flour to hydrate more readily and absorb the butter which adds so much taste to our recipe. Who doesn’t love butter?

4) Let your cookies rest. 5 more minutes on the cookie sheet and don’t touch them!

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A little taste of heaven with no grit.

A little taste of heaven with no grit.

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