Weighty Matters: Why Baking With A Scale Is So Important

November 29, 2015

Gluten free baking is true chemistry. Not enough protein and your bread is starchy and a sickly white colour that won’t brown evenly. Too much of one flour and your bread crumb is tight and dense. Too much of another and your bread crumb is fragile and crumbles easily when cut.

Like other aspects of chemistry, ratios and weight matter when baking. This is why the kitchen scale is one of my most used tools and guides me to get consistent outcomes every time.

When I am blending flour, I use the kitchen scale rather than the measuring cup. I place my large mixing bowl on the scale and press tare, returning the scale to zero so the weight of the large mixing bowl is not considered. Then I place my first ingredient into the mixing bowl, using weight rather than volume as my guide. I tare the scale again and add the second ingredient. I keep doing this until I have completed my entire flour recipe in the large mixing bowl. In this way, I don’t dirty lots of dishes and more importantly maintain accuracy with the ratio of ingredients in the blend.

The only challenge with using this method is that you need to be careful because if you pour too much into the mixing bowl, you will not easily be able to remove it from the mix. I am careful and when I am getting close to the amount called for, I use a spoon to add the remainder.

Gluten free baking is all the science. Think of your kitchen as a lab and your recipes will be better for it.


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