We found each other! Thanks for that.

This is my gluten free adventure with two boys, three dogs and a lot of mistakes. I have been on this road for almost 5 years on the advice of our physician.

I will post these mistakes often because 1) they are worth a laugh and 2) you need to know that this gluten free stuff is hard in the beginning but will get easier, I promise.

Everything you already learned no longer applies. All those basic skills you have, like knowing when the pancakes batter is correct just by looking at it? Throw them out! Now cooking is about chemistry and ratios and hydrating your starches.

Also, I have bought every disgusting thing in the grocery store looking for a good cracker or a convincing bagel so I will do some reviews for you too.

Enjoy my recipes and feel free to modify them, evolve them and share them again.




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